GIFT - Governance Index For Trusts - June 2017

About GIFT

The Governance Index For Trusts (GIFT) was developed specifically for listed REITs and BTs and recognises their unique features compared to listed companies.

In developing GIFT, the authors took into account differences in business models of listed trusts, applicable regulatory requirements, the Code of Corporate Governance, and the MAS consultation paper on proposed enhancements to the regulatory regime governing REITs and REIT managers, including certain proposals that were not implemented after the public consultation.

GIFT is produced by Associate Professor Mak Yuen Teen and Chew Yi Hong and is supported by CPA Australia. The following individuals contributed to the development of the methodology used in GIFT: Alethea Teng Shuyi, Au Mei Lin Eunice, Wu Wenjing and Yap Hui Lin. 

How REITs and BTs are scored

Board matters (20 points)

Remuneration of directors and key management (10 points)

Alignment of incentives and interests (10 points)

Internal and external audit (10 points)

Communication with unitholders (15 points)

Other governance matters (15 points)

Business risks considered

Leverage-related factors

Debt maturity

Development limit

Lease expiry

Income support arrangements


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About the authors

A/Prof Mak Yuen Teen

Mak Yuen Teen is an Associate Professor of Accounting at the NUS Business School, National University of Singapore, where he teaches corporate governance.  

Check out his other website on the latest in corporate governance

Chew Yi Hong

Chew Yi Hong is an active investor and a keen observer of the corporate governance scene.  

Prior to his time spent at a Big 4 public accounting firm, he consulted for a global fund to address corporate governance issues of a listed issuer.